Fire damage– How to come back?

Fire disaster victims have a lot to bear and it isn’t easy to find the proper words to assist and comfort them. But know that support is there and we invite you to call 311 to learn about municipal services in this regard.

Then, and once all members of your family and building occupants are safe, you can concentrate on recovering the most of your living space.

In that mindset, here is a list of things to do after a fire:

1.    Contact your insurer so they can come and assess the damage and, if necessary, offer important support in terms of relocation. This generally includes the inclusion of a disaster expert.

2.    Barricade the area and make sure the building is safe. It is also recommended to take a lot of pictures of the damage to document your claim.

NB: Do not start any work until you talk with your insurance agent, but secure the scene (once firefighters are gone, you are responsible for your building);

3.    Inform everyone around you:

  • a.    Relatives and friends;
  • b.    Employer;
    c.    Schools;
  • d.    Financial institution (mortgage);
  • e.    Other service companies such as Canada Post, Bell, Hydro-Québec, Videotron, Gaz Métro, etc .

4.    Follow up with your insurance agent to plan the work with a qualified contractor who will restore your home or business.


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