We are THE decontamination specialists in Quebec, and here’s why:

At Aqua-Vac, decontamination is treated as a science in itself and is carried out carefully with the specific intent to make your property clean and ready fast (residential, commercial, industrial or institutional) and in the best condition possible. Whether your contamination is related to asbestos, mold, lead, silica, mercury, PCBs, pigeon droppings, etc. and regardless of the scope of work, Aqua-Vac possesses what it takes to help.


At Aqua-Vac, we never withhold on the quality of work!

Our experience in the decontamination area (asbestos, mold, lead, etc.) and our state of the art equipment allows us to provide the most competitive prices possible. Thus, whether you want to get rid of mold or asbestos containing products (or any other hazardous materials), please contact our specialists and let us help you.
CAA-Quebec Approval: Do business with us and you will understand why so many people trust us.

Our specialists in the field of asbestos and hazardous materials have an extensive experience in construction and project management of hazardous materials. This allows us to develop the project schedule and scope of work that suits you best.

In turn, we are able to provide the expertise you require while keeping all of your other needs in mind. Our customers are a priority, and it shows!

So go ahead and:


No more contamination, asbestos, mold or odors!

We pride ourselves in our customers’ satisfaction and it turns out to be our best advertisement. Indeed, the quality of work offered by our professionals in the planning phase, during the decontamination process and even after the work is completed is a priority and that is what allows us to maintain very high standards of quality while offering the best quality/value ratio of the industry.

In other words, if you want to carry out decontamination work that is completed in a safe and sustainable manner, at competitive prices and without any headaches (literally and figuratively), Aqua-Vac is the solution for you.

For thorough cleaning, use Aquavac and get he best price-quality ratio in the industry.

Contact our experts in inspection and assessment of the building to get a free quote now.

We offer solutions tailored to your situation and strive to provide a cleaning service and impeccable after complete disaster while reducing requests for extras. So you can trust us with cleaning your home, business or industry with confidence.

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