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Did you know? : The useful life of a french drain is approximately 30 years.

Thus, for any purchase, sale or renovation project, we strongly recommend that you evaluate the age and condition of the drain around your foundation. If necessary, we will apply the best membranes on your foundation as well as install a drain more resistant and perfectly suited to the rigorous seasons in Quebec.


If you need a trusted contractor who can advise you properly and complete the work on schedule?

Contact Aqua-Vac now and let our team of professionals take care of everything. Our quality work will enhance the look and value of your home. Whether it’s for minor renovations (bathroom renovations, etc.) or major demolition work, we can help.

Nos services spécialisés:

  • French drain & Foudation assessment;
  • Attic insulation (blown wool and urethane);
  • Wood flooring;
  • Concrete slabs;
  • Reconstruction / Complete renovation.

For thorough cleaning, use Aquavac and get he best price-quality ratio in the industry.

Contact our experts in inspection and assessment of the building to get a free quote now.

We offer solutions tailored to your situation and strive to provide a cleaning service and impeccable after complete disaster while reducing requests for extras. So you can trust us with cleaning your home, business or industry with confidence.

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