Mould & Asbestos – What to do?

You have recurring headaches, notice signs of mold growth or materials likely to contain asbestos? Here are the steps to address the problem adequately:


1. As a precautionary measure, isolate the area where asbestos is present using airtight materials (i.e.polyethylene fabric);

2. For materials likely to contain asbestos, proceed with their analysis to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos. Aqua-Vac does not offer this service, but we will be happy to direct you to a lab near you. Just contact us by phone or email. FYI, a list of laboratories participating in an interlaboratory quality control program (required by the CSST) is available on the IRSST’s Web site: Why spend my dollars for an analysis? Answer: In many cases, the suspected materials, such as vermiculite or others, are in fact free of asbestos (about 40 -50% for vermiculite). It therefore becomes very interesting to spend a few hundred dollars to give you a chance to save tens of thousands.

3. If the presence of asbestos is confirmed, determine which of the following management options is the best for you:

  • Conservation (if in good condition and out of danger);
  • Repair (if slightly damaged);
  • Containment; OR
  • Removal.

4. Once your decision is made, if it involves specialized work, you may want to do business with an expert in the field to ensure proper dust control and to guarantee the removal and proper management of your property.

To find a quality contractor, notice the number of years of experience and satisfaction from previous customers. A good indicator of constant satisfaction is the presence of the Contractor’s name on the list of CAA-Quebec.


1. Cut the potential sources of moisture immediately (when possible);

2. You can isolate the area where the growth (or odor) is present, but act fast to make sure it doesn’t get worst.

3. Perform an air quality test. Several consulting firms perform these tests and once you have the results, we can evaluate and discuss with you to assess the problem, if any.

4. IMPORTANT! Correct the problem before proceeding with the renovation work. Indeed, there is no point to remove and rebuild if the problem is still present (eg, excessive humidity, water leakage through the roof, deficient vapor barrier, french drain clogged, foundation cracks, etc.) ;

5. Once the problem is found and resolved, if it involves specialized work, you may want to do business with an expert in the field to ensure the complete removal of mold and prevent it from coming back.

To find a quality contractor, remember that customer’s satisfaction and years of experience takes you a long way. A good indicator of this constant satisfaction remains the presence of the Contractor in question on the list of CAA-Quebec.

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