Water damage – How to respond?

Water damage is never pleasant but when they occur, they must be addressed quickly before mold sets in. Here are some examples of water damage: broken water valve, sewer backup, roof drain failure, etc.

And here is a summary list of steps to address the problem adequately:

1. Turn off the water inlet (when possible) and call an expert in water damage and drying methods;

2. Remove water and dry all surfaces and sub-surfaces as soon as possible! Each situation is unique, but in the case of water damage, the goal is to dry everything before mold starts to grow. To accomplish this, you will need industrial based equipment in order to dry quickly and recover the maximum amount of structures, floor, etc.

3. After the demolition and before reconstruction, you can perform a test for air quality to validate if mold is present. There is no use to rebuild if moisture or mold is present.

4. To find a quality contractor, remember that customer’s satisfaction and years of experience takes you a long way. A good indicator of this constant satisfaction remains the presence of the Contractor in question on the list of CAA-Quebec.



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